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Chinese Culture & Etiquette Workshops

ConfuciusWhen venturing into unfamiliar markets, where you don’t speak the local lingua franca, you definitely need to be prepared. This is more especially the case in the People’s Republic of China (PRC), which to Westerners is a seemingly alien society with different ways of doing business.

As a South African, you are an outsider in China, more especially if you don’t understand Chinese culture or speak the Chinese language. Chinese methods of establishing business relationships are vastly different to Western methods. In the Chinese business world, one’s network of interpersonal relationships (guanxi) is of vital importance, since contacts are largely made on a referral basis. In essence, the Chinese prefer to do business through people whom they know and trust. Related values such as friendship, cooperation, support and willingness to assist are vital to the establishment of successful business relationships. New business relationships in China are often entered into on the basis of the recommendations of business associates. Strong recommendations result in the most competitive and successful business deals. Chinese business people believe in long-term strategy rather than short term profits, so carefully tended relationships are sure to endure the test of time.

Due to cultural barriers, language issues and the paucity of information about prospective business partners, it is a challenge for Western enterprises to find reliable and capable business partners in China.

Access China offers powerful “mind-opening” workshops that bridge the vast East-West cultural gap by creating an understanding and realization of the Chinese way of thinking and doing things.

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